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Lokkal / SM Events
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tree SMA And Its People - book signing
Friday, March 16, 3-5pm
tree Meet Solamente en San Miguel Authors - mixed
Friday, March 16, 4-5pm
tree Richard Dowling, Pro Musica - concert
Friday, March 16, 5pm
tree Circle of Medicine Music - spirit
Friday, March 16, 6:30-8:30pm
tree CaminArte - art walk
Saturday, March 17, 10am-6pm
tree Art & Kitch - benefit
Escuela de Educación Especial SMA
Saturday March 17, 10am-3pm
tree Gaiasophy Seminars (adolescents)
Saturdays, March 17 - April 14, 12pm
tree Kalam-Balam Yoga Immersion - workshop
Saturday, March 17 - April 7, 4-6pm
tree Restorative Sound Bath & QiGong Energy Healing
Saturday, March 17, 4-6pm
tree San Miguel's Devil's Bargain - talk
Lisa Pinley Covert, i3
Saturday, March 17, 5pm
tree Eurythmy, New Art of Movement - performance
Saturday, March 17, 6pm
tree Passion and Paradox, Fran Forman - opening
Saturday, March 17, 6-8pm
tree Duo Apaixonado, Alberto Muro, Jim Bailey - concert
Benefit Libros Para Todos
Saturday, March 17, 6:30pm
tree Audubon Birdwalk
Sunday, March 18, 7:45am-noon
tree Jesus' Grandmothers, UU service - spirit
Sunday, March 18, 10:30am
tree St. Joseph's Day
Sunday, March 18, All Day
tree La Pulga, flea market, food, entertainment
Sunday, March 18, 12-4pm
tree Ayurveda, The Science of Life - workshop
Sundays, March 18 - April 8, 3-5pm
tree Conga on the Rocks, Equinox Concert - El Charco
Sunday, March 18, 3:30pm-7pm
tree Reflections from the Heart, Yiddish Music - concert
Sunday, March 18, 4pm
tree Cuba Fest
March 8-18
tree 3 Day Monotype Workshop
Monday-Wednesday, March 19-21, 9-2pm
tree Experiencing Holy Week In SMA, Rotary - talk
Tuesday, March 20, 12pm
tree Introduction to Singing Jazz Standards - talk
Tuesday, March 20, 3pm
tree EuroJazz - concert
Tuesday, March 20, 7-9pm
tree Birdwalk in the Botanical Garden
Wednesday, March 21, 9-11:30am
tree Pilgrims On Horseback, Reel Docs - mixed
Tuesday, Wednesday, March 20, 21, 4pm
tree Darbukanos, dance and music - mixed
Wednesday, March 21, 7pm
tree Urban Sketchers SMA Field Trip Los Senderos
Thursday, March 22, 9:30am-4pm
tree Finding Grace / Encontrando la Gracia - book
Thursday, March 22, 4pm
tree Encuentro de Lenguas - poesía
Jueves, 22 de Marzo, 5:30-7pm
tree Eurythmy, New Art of Movement - dance
Thursday, March 22, 7pm
tree Encores and Showpieces, Ken Bichel - concert
Thursday, March 22, 7pm
tree Saoco, Latin Music - concert
Thursday, March 22, 7pm
tree Media Luna - concert
Wednesday, Thursday, March 21, 22, 7:30pm
tree Tango Concentration - workshop
Friday, Saturday, March 23, 24, 10am
tree The Insiders Guide to Semana Santa - talk
Friday, March 23, 2-3pm
tree Homenaje a Margarito Ledesma - poesía
Viernes, 23 de Marzo, 5pm
tree Mural Unveiling, "The Story Tellers" - special event
Friday, March 23, 5:30-8pm
tree A Tour Du Monde - dance
Friday, March 23, 7pm
tree Celebrate World Water Day
Caminos de Agua
Thursday-Saturday, March 22-24
tree Asociación y Rotación de Cultivos - taller
Sábado, 24 de Marzo, 10am-1pm
tree Sandra Morán - talk / concert
Ser Mujer
Saturday, March 24, 1pm
tree Bembé Salsa Social
Saturday, March 24, 7pm
tree Frans Bloem, Kabarett Beyond Borders - mixed
Friday, Saturday, March 16, 17, 7pm
tree Winners Concert - opera
Saturday, March 24, 7pm-8:30pm
tree Blues Night - concert
Saturday, March 24, 7pm
tree Celebrating Women's History Month
Ser Mujer
March 6-25
tree The Faces Of San Miguel - opening
Bordello Gallery
Saturday, Sunday, March 24,25, 11am-5pm
tree XL Wool and Brass Fair
Friday - Sunday, March 16-25, 11am-7pm
tree Joan Yonkler, Jimmy and Jobim - concert
Jazz Brunch
Sunday, March 25, 1-4pm
tree Gaiasophy Seminars
Thursdays, March 22 - April 12, 12pm
tree Diez Minutos - theater
March 14-25, Wednesday - Saturday 7pm, Sunday 3pm
tree Beverly Sky, Fabric Collage - opening
Galería Nuvo, Escuela Modelo Mineral de Pozos
Sunday, March 25, 1-5pm
tree Madrigalistas Choir Of Bellas Artes - concert
Sunday, March 25, 5pm
tree Global Justice This Week
tree LifePath - events this week
Center for Learning, Healing and Retreat
tree Films This Week in San Miguel
tree Amigos de la Presa - This Month
tree TOSMA Farmers' / Artisans' Market
Ancha San Antonio 123
Saturdays 9am-3:30pm
tree This Week at Shelter Theater
Please check below for late coming events.
magazine / revista
San Miguel de Allende

march / marzo - weekly / semanal home/inicia

· Dos Búhos Winery and the Orange Wine - pictorial
        Sofie Engström von Alten is poured into ceramic vases and buried, letting it ferment in a different way underground, aging it there for up to 3 years.
· Faust of Xichu: the Devil's Bargain
        Duke Miller
...all of us have a yearning to perform magic acts on our bodies, particularly our faces when they begin to turn downward.
· Our Country Cousins Living It Up
        Joseph Toone
As always, I bring the head witch my homemade cookies; only an idiot doesn’t show respect for what they don’t totally understand.
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