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Philosophy Club
Fridays, 11:30am-1:30pm
Feria de Ideaz, Ideas Fair
Lunes-Viernes, 12-16 de Abril, 5pm, Zoom
Photographic Gallery Coffee Social
Saturdays 11-11:40pm, Zoom
Every Day is a Poem - writing workshop
Saturday, April 17, 1-3pm
Jewish Book Club
third Sunday of the month, 1-2pm, Zoom
A Literary Debate: SM Literary Sala
Sunday, April 18, 4-5pm, Zoom
Distinguished Speaker Series: SM Literary Sala
Sunday, April 18, 6-7:30pm, Zoom
The Problem of Industrial Agriculture - Global Justice
Monday, April 19, 1pm Zoom or Online
Preparing for a Thoughtful Death
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, 11am, Zoom
Fat Bastard Art Walks
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9am
Distinguished Speaker Series: Tom Hanks
SM Literary Sala
Friday, April 23, 6-7:30pm
Group Art Show, - opening
Belle Muse Studio
Saturday, April 24, 4-7pm
Domingo de Mercado Solidario
Domingo, 25 de Abril 10am-5pm
Live Music
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