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Lokkal / SM Events
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Andrew Osta - opening
Galeria Bordelo
Friday, December 7, 5-7pm
Guadalupe Tonantzin, Group Show - opening
Friday, December 7, 5pm
Spectrum of stroke care - talk
Friday, December 7, 5:30-8pm
First Friday Live, JC3 - spirit
Friday, December 2, 5:45-7pm
Alejandro Velasco, exposition - opening
Friday, December 7, 6-9pm
Gala Navideña San Miguel
Friday, December 7, 6pm
Festival Internacional del Teatro
Sabado-Viernes, 1-7 de Diciembre
Christmas Concert / Coro Promusica Mexico
Friday, December 7, 7pm
Xmas Chocolate Hour, Jack & Frances - concert
Johfrej Chocolate Shoppe, Jesus 2A
Fridays, December 7, 14, 7pm
Fiesta for the Immaculate Conception
Saturday, December 8, All Day, fireworks very early
Caminarte/ Art Walk
Saturday, December 8, 10am-6pm
Cosecha de tus Cultivos - clase
Prepara tu Ensalada de Huerto
The Art of Gokul Vinyasa - yoga
Saturday, December 8, 11am
Christmas Jazz Concert, benefit
Saturday, December 8, 12pm
Jean Carlos Coronado. Cello, Music Under the Trees - concert
Saturday, December 8, 1pm
Pre-Christmas Open House Art Sale - opening
Joy Wade
Saturday December 8, 2:30-5pm
Duolingo Inglés/Español Conversation
Saturday, December 8, 4-5:30pm
Cena Ritual Abundancia 2019
Sábado, Diciembre 8, 5pm
The Nutcracker, Aerial Circus - theater
Gravity Kids
Friday, Saturday, December 7, 8, 6pm
Andrés Cantisani Trío, Raffle, Concert - benefit
Saturday, December 8, 7pm
Conversatorio ¿Qué México estás Construyendo?
Sábado, Domingo, Diciembre 8, 9, 3pm
Coffee, Chocolate and More - festival
Saturday, Sunday, December 8, 9, 10-6pm
Gathering In Benefit Of The Sierra Tarahumara
Saturday, Sunday, December 8, 9, 10am-1pm
Healthy Ageing, UU - spirit
Sunday, December 9, 10:30am
La Pulga, flea market, food, entertainment
Sunday, December 9, 12-4pm
Spirit of Xmas, Pro Musica Youth Chamber Orchestra
Sunday, December, 9, 12:30pm
Los Hermanos Zavala - concerts
Saturday, December 8, 8pm; Sunday, December 9, 1:30pm
Open Studio, Glen Rogers
Sunday, December 9, 2-5pm
Body Fictions, open sudio - opening
Kathleen Cammarata
Sunday, December 9, 2-5pm
Kiss of the Spider Woman - theater
November 29-December 9, Thursday-Saturday, 7pm; Sunday 3pm
Four Hands Piano, Promusica - concert
Friday, December 7, 5pm; Sunday, December 9, 4pm
Chanukah Party - spirit
Sunday, December 9, 5pm
¿Quien es el ángel y quien es el diablo? - Teatro
Domingo, Diciembre 9, 7pm
Virgin of Guadalupe - talk
Monday, December 10, 3pm
Escritores al tú por tú - charla
Lunes, Diciembre 10, 7pm
Virgin of Guadalupe - talk
Tuesday, December 11, 3pm
4-Way Test: Students' Personal Stories, Rotary - talk
Tuesday, December 11, 9am
Fiesta for the Virgin of Guadalupe
Wedneday, December 12
Blessing of the Horses
Wednesday, December 12
The Brain Exchange - mixed
Women’s Drop-in Group
Wednesday, December 12, 3-5pm
Cock Fighting Tournaments - native
Saturday, Wednesday, December 8, 12
The Color of Happiness, art - talk
Wednesday, December 12, 4pm
Norwegian Baritone, Opera, Christmas... - concert
Steinway Series
Wednesday, December 12, 7pm
Círculo de Mujeres: Huevito de Obsidiana - taller
Wednesday, December 12, 8-10pm
Abstract Painting with Texture - Jane Dill
Thursday, December 13, 10am-4pm
Retiro de Mujeres en Bosque Shambala
Jueves-Domingo, Diciembre 13-16, 1pm
Let’s Read Poetry: Best Loved Poems
Lifelong Learning
Tuesday, Thursday, December 11, 13, 1pm
Posadas - talk
Thursday, December 13, 3pm
Prepara tu cuerpo para el invierno
Thursday, December 13, 4pm
Two Stories of History and Survival - talk
Literary Sala
Thursday, December 13, 5-7pm
Crossing Boundaries, E Daborn, D Simeone - opening
Casa Europa, San Francisco 23
Thursday, December 13, 7pm
Darbukanos: Middle East Dance w/ Live Music
Thursday, December 13, 7:00pm
Organ Festival, Third Annual
Friday, November 30, 5pm, December 5, 7, 13, 14
We Need a Little Christmas - concert
St. Paul's Church, Cardo 6
Friday, December 14, 5pm
SantaCon San Miguel
Friday, December 14, 5:30pm
Encuentro de cierre de año y Soulsticio de Invierno
Viernes-Sábado, Diciembre 14, 7pm
For Our Children, benefit - opening
Galería Malgré Ediciones, Aldama 59A
Friday, December 14, 7:30-8:30pm
Angels' Night Dance - benefit
Saturday, December 15, 9pm
Juego de combate táctico
Sábado, Diciembre 15, 11-4pm
Sefardic Songs, Botanical Garden - concert
Saturday, December 15, 4pm
Crystal Circus
December 14, 15, Friday, 6pm, Saturday, 5pm
Art Jewelry Trunk Show - opening
Laura Honse
Saturday, December 15, 5-8pm
Live Group Happiness Therapy Show
Daniel Packard
Friday, Saturday, December 14, 15, 7pm
Nathan & Jessie / Gypsy Blues and Jazzy Folk
Friday, Saturday, December 14, 15, 7pm
Via Organica Public Christmas Posada
Margarito Ledesma 2, Col. Guadalupe
Saturday, December 15, 7pm
Jazz & Blues, Christmas Concert
Saturday, December 15, 7:30pm
Audubon Christmas Bird Count
Sunday, December 16, 7:45am
Sculpture Exhibit, Special Event - opening
Ana Thiel
Saturday, Sunday, December 15, 16, 1pm
It's a Wonderful Life, Radio Play - theater
December 13-16, Thursday-Saturday, 7pm; Sunday, 3pm
Sephardic Songs & Gastronomic Fire Performances
Sunday, December 16, 4pm
¿Y Donde Esta el Chiquillo? - teatro
Sabado-Lunes, Diciembre 15-17, 6:30pm
Expo Cultural & Artesanal Chiapas - fair
Friday, November 30-December 18, 7pm
Sketching Fast & Loose with Rhoda Draws
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Center for Learning, Healing and Retreat
Amigos de la Presa - This Month
TOSMA Farmers’ / Artisans' Market
Ancha San Antonio 123
Saturdays 9am-3:30pm
This Week at Shelter Theater
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magazine / revista
San Miguel de Allende

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· The Grand Tradition of Radio Theater
        Fredric Dannen
Welles fretted over the getting exactly the right sound for a scene in which a stake is driven through the heart of a vampire.
It’s A Wonderful Life, SM Playhouse, Dec. 13-16
· Inspired by The Lotus - A Symbol of Renewal
        Glen Rogers
I try to capture the hidden aura of the plant and reveal an ethereal side of nature.
Open Studio, Sunday, December 9
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