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Lokkal / SM Events
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G.I. Bill: A Tale of SMA - theater
Friday, January 24, 3pm
US Consulate Town Meeting
Friday, January 24, 4:30pm
Unveiling of the Mural T'zunun

Carlos Cabán
Friday, January 24, 5:30-8:30pm
Night of Boleros, Jardin - concert
Friday, January 24, 6-7:30pm
Cecilia Garcia - concert
Friday, January 24, 6-8pm
Improv People, Shoulda! Woulda! Coulda! - theater
Friday, January 24, 7-8:30pm
Friday, January 24, 8pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, January 25, 10am-1pm
Germinados e Introducción a Tu Huerto - taller
Sábado, Enero 25, 10am-1pm
Flavor of the Molcate - fieldtrip
Saturday, January 25, 10am
Mex-Can Co-Opera-tive Concert, Opera SM
Saturday, January 25, 2pm
Art and Fashion Show
Saturday, January 25, 4pm
Belle Muse Studio - opening
Saturday, January 25, 4-8pm
The Continental Blues Band - concert
Saturday, January 25, 5pm
Presentación Libro, teatro para niños
Saturday, January 25, 5pm
Alfredo Muro, 6 Strings of Passion, benefit - concert
Saturday, January 25, 6pm
MX Chamber Symphony - concert

Sat, Jan. 25, 5pm, T.A.Peralta, , $150, 250, 450
Jazz in Time - concert
Saturday, January 25, 7:30pm
Textures and Colors, Artisan Expo
Saturday, Sunday, January 25, 26, 10am-7pm
The Cruel Damage of U.S. Immigration Policy, UU - spirit
Sunday, January 26, 10:30am
La Pulga, flea market, food, entertainment
Sunday, January 26, 11-3pm
Mindful (Full Attention) Drawing & Painting

Sunday, January 26, 12-2pm
Shelter Skelter Storytelling
Sunday, January 26, 3pm
Pete Searles: Hey Gringo! Bolivia and Beyond - theater
January 22-24, 26, Wednesday-Friday 7pm, Sunday 3pm
LGBT Gathering, Reunion
Sunday, January 26, 5-8pm
Max Levinson, piano, Promusica - concert
Friday, Sunday, January 24, 26, 5pm
Sunday, January 26, 6-7:30pm
Vida y obra de Ignacio Allende - teatro
Domingo, Lunes, Enero 26, 27, 7:30-8:30pm
Happenings in SMA - Rotary
Tuesday, January 28, 9:30am
Cinema Style 1: Call Me By Your Name
Tuesday, January 28, 10am-3pm
SMA's Secrets Revealed, Virtual Walking Tour
January 28, February 4, 11, 18, Tuesdays 3-4pm
Samir Belkacemi - concert
Tuesday, January 28, 5:30-7pm
Betty Friedan: Feminist Icon & Complicated Woman, PEN
January 28, February 4, 18, 25, March 3, 6:30pm
Judaism's Gifts to the World

Mondays or Tuesdays beginning Jan 27 or 28
Internet de las Cosas - taller
Lunes-Miércoles, Enero 27-29, 9am-5pm
Shibori Tie Dye Workshop

Wednesday, Jan 29; Saturday, Feb 1, 10am-4pm
Japanese Daruma wishing & film
Wednesday, January 29, 3-5pm
Free Historic Centro Tours, benefit
Tuesday, Thursday 9:30am, through March 31
Sam Donaldson and Ntl Geo Photo Journalist
Lit Sala
January 29, 30, Wednesday 5-7pm, Thursday 11am
Los Otros, Paul Seigel - concert
Thursday, January 30, 5-7pm
Caterina Doppelelf - opening
Lorenzo y Taquito
Thursday, January 30, 7pm
Timothy Fain, violin - concert
Thursday, Friday, January 30, 31, 5pm
Entre el Oso y Dragón
Viernes, Enero 31, 7-9pm
Beer Launch
Saturday, February 1, 1-6pm
Legendary Tom Paxton - concert
Saturday, February 1, 3pm
Fabrica la Aurora Art Walk
Saturday, February 1, 5-7pm
Ekphrasis: Poetry and Prose
Fabrica Art Walk
Saturday, February 1, 5-7pm
Canadian Songwriters' Tribute
Friday, Saturday, January 31, February 1, 5pm
Flamenco, Patricia Linares - dance

Sat, Feb. 1, $150, 250, 350, T.A.Peralta
Market/Mercadito Rural
Sunday, February 2, 9am-4pm
VI Intercambio de Semillas - SOMOS Semilla
Domingo, Febrero 2, 10am-5pm
Design & Art Fest - Bazar Mumu
Wednesday, Thursday, February 1, 2, 11am-6pm
Galería Izamal Grand Opening
Sunday, February 2, 2pm
SM Playwrights Showcase, 7 plays - theater
January 30 - February 2 Thursday-Saturday 7pm, Sunday 3pm
The Beatles Benefit - concert
Sunday, February 2, 3pm
Danzón y other danceable rhythms - dance
Sunday, February 2, 4:30-7:30pm
Ecstatic Story, Wild Poem, writing - workshop
Sunday-Sunday, February 2-9, 6pm-12am
Photo/Writing Excursion to Pozos
Monday, February 3, 9:30am-6:30pm
Lady Zen Sings Ladies of Legend - concert
February 2-5, Sunday-Tuesday 7pm, Wednesday 3pm
The Magic of Kezmer - concert
Wednesday, February 19, 5pm
Films This Week in San Miguel
Global Justice This Week
Amigos de la Presa - This Month
TOSMA Farmers' / Artisans' Market
Ancha San Antonio 123
Saturdays 9am-3:30pm
This Week at Shelter Theater
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Let me also suggest that you cannot love someone more than you love yourself.
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