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Lokkal / SM Events
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Colección Nomada / La Montaña Fracturada - openings
Friday, February 22, 7pm
Paper Mache Level One - workshop
Tuesday, Friday, February 19, 22, 10am
Collage, Assemblage, Ecology, photos - talk
Friday, February 22, 3:30pm
Montessori, Sesión Informativa - plactica
Friday, February 22, 5-6:30pm
Reimagining SMA as a Sustainable Community - conference
Friday, February 22, 6-8pm
Cuba: 2 Visions - opening
Red Dog Studio, Jennifer Posner, Ernesto Ferrand
Friday, February 22, 6-9pm
Red-Tailed Hawk Canyon Hike
Saturday, February 23, 8:45-1pm
ALMA Sale, vintage, second-hand - benefit
Saturday, February 23, 10am-1pm
Creating Prosperity on Purpose - workshop
Saturday, February 23, 10:30-1pm
Essence, Anado, group show - opening
Saturday, February 23, 1-5pm
El Último tiro Primera fecha - Baile
Sábado, Febrero 23, 2-6pm
Oaxaca Master Weaver, Pop-up Rug Sale
Friday, Saturday February 22, 23, 2-6pm
Charles Turofsky, paintings- opening
Saturday, February 23, 3:30-6:30pm
Duolingo Inglés/Español Conversation
Saturday, February 23, 4-5:30pm
Festival Internacional de Cine de Morelia
Sábado, Febrero 23, 4-7:30pm
Food and Film Festival
Thursday-Saturday, February 21-23
Out of ConTEXT Moby-Dick: Random Read-In
Saturday, February 23, 5-8pm
Telegraph String Quartet, Pro Musica
Friday, Saturday February 22, 23, 5pm
3ra Carrera Wolf Pack - race
Saturday, February 23, 6:30pm
El Arte en la Curricula Waldorf - plactica
February 22-24, Friday 4pm, Saturday, Sunday 9am
Bazaar of Alternative Design
Saturday, Sunday, February 23, 24, 10-6pm
Cultivating Kindness, UU - spirit
Sunday, February 24, 10:30am
My Studio/Mi Estudio Art Walk
Saturday, Sunday, February 23, 24, 11am-5pm
La Pulga, flea market, food, entertainment
Sunday, February 24 12-4pm
Geometric Jewelry, Alberto Lenz - opening
Saturday, Sunday, February 23, 24, 12pm
Gran Charreada - rodeo
Domingo, Febrero 24, 12pm
Evelyne Pouget, sale - opening
Saturday, Sunday, February 23, 24, 1-5pm
Teatro Para Personas Pequeñas
Domingo, 24 de Febrero
Watch the Oscars, Mujeres en Cambio - benefit
Sunday, February 24, 5pm
The Vagina Monologues - theater
February 22-24, Friday, Saturday 7pm; Sunday 3pm
An Approach to Gypsy Art - talk
Monday, February 25, 4pm
In Her Parents' Footsteps - Dra. Grace Lin, Rotary - talk
Tuesday, February 26, 9am
Stump the Rabbi - spirit
Tuesday, February 26, 3pm
Oscar-Winning Documentary - The Silent Child
Tuesday, Tuesday, February 26, 5:30pm
PEN 2019 Winter Lecture Series
Tuesdays, January 22-March 5, 6pm
Open Mic, Version 2.1, Shelter Theater
Hosted by "El Juan" & Friends
Every Tuesday, 7pm
Shibori Indogo Dyeing - workshop
Wednesday, Febrero 27, 11-3pm
Spirit of the Earth: artist's introspective - book
Agnes Olive
Wednesday, February 27, 3pm
Camille Claudel Torment and Ecstasy - presentation
Wednesday, February 27, 4pm
The Chorus, Double Oscar Nominee, benefit - film
Wednesday, February 27, 4:30pm
Solamente en San Miguel Authors - book
Wednesday, February 27, 5-6pm
Media Luna - concerts
Monday-Wednesday, February 25-27, 6pm
Challah Bake - Jewish
Wednesday, February 27, 6pm
Bartok, Real Gypsy Music - concert
Wednesday, February 27, 6:30-8pm
Fiesta del Señor de la Conquista - spirit
Thursday, Febrero 28, 10-5pm
The Creative Process - talk
Omar Huerta, Galeria Pergola
Thursday, February 28, 12pm
Aprende a elaborar quesos veganos - taller
Jueves, Febrero 28, 4pm
Vistas de San Miguel, Susan Dorf - book
Thursday, February 28, 4-6pm
Dream on Magical Thoughts - opening
Thursday, February 28, 7pm
Casa Europa México - libro
Jueves, Febrero 28, 7pm
Advanced Love, Ari Seth Cohen - book free
Friday, March 1, 5-8pm
Fused Glass -workshop
Wednesdays, Fridays, 1-3:30pm
Four Canadian Authors - books
Friday, March 1, 3-5pm
Andrew Osta, Magic Realism - opening
Friday, March 1, 5-8pm
First Friday Live, JC3 - spirit
Friday, March 1, 5:30-7pm
Between Women, Ser Mujer Kickoff - opening
Friday, March 1, 6-9pm
Clases de Barras de Access Consciousness
Sábado, Marzo 2, 10-6pm
Concurso SM XI - opera
Saturday, March 2, 7:30pm
Rio Laja Canyon Hike, Audubon
Saturday, March 2, 8:45-1pm
Trilogía Educativa 2019
Sábado, Marzo 2, 10am
Improv Playback Theater, Tasha Paley - workshop
Saturday, March 2, 10-4pm
Germina tus Primeras Semillas - taller
Sábado, Marzo 2, 10am
Beating The Odds & all that Cha-Cha! - workshop
cancer-thriving healing
Saturday, March 2
La Hija del Regimeinto - opera
Saturday, March 2, 11:55am
Canto Cardenche - taller
Sábado, Febrero 23, Marzo 2, 4pm
Fabrica la Aurora Art Walk
Saturday, March 2, 5-7pm
Mixing Richness, Pan-American Jazz Vocal - concert
Saturday, March 2, 7:30pm
Mitotiliztli: Tercer Ritual de ofrecimiento de cantos
Sabado, Marzo 2, 8pm
Ron Dank, Pro Musica - concerts
March 1, 3, Friday 6:30pm, Sunday 5:30pm
Market/Mercadito Rural
Sunday, March 3, 9am-4pm
Textures and Colors, Artisan Expo
Saturday, Sunday, March 2, 3, 9am-7pm
Art of the Heist, Author & Screening
Sunday, March 3, 11am
Guardarropa, Marisa Boullosa - opening
La Hupilista
Sunday, March 3, 2-7pm
Simon Wiesenthal, Nazi Hunter - theater
February 28-March 3, Thursday, Friday, 7pm; Saturday, Sunday 3pm
Restauración de Sistemas - Taller
March 3-15
Mexican Art Songs, soprano - concert
St Paul's Church
Sunday, March 3, 4pm
Creative Convergence, benefit - concert
Sunday, March 3, 4:30pm
Bikers in Camelot, musical comedy - theater
Feb 20-Mar 3, Thurs-Sat 7pm; Wed, Sun 3pm
Grand Prize Otomí- horse
Febrero 28, Marzo 1-3, 7-10, 7am
Sketching Fast & Loose with Rhoda Draws
art classes
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, 9:30-12:30
Films This Week in San Miguel
Health / Salud
Global Justice This Week
LifePath - events this week
Center for Learning, Healing and Retreat
Amigos de la Presa - This Month
TOSMA Farmers' / Artisans' Market
Ancha San Antonio 123
Saturdays 9am-3:30pm
This Week at Shelter Theater
Please check below for late-coming events.
magazine / revista
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