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Lokkal / SM Events
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Shrouds Reconsidered, Marti McGinnis - opening
Friday, November 9, 5-7pm
Psychoactive Plant Medicine - seminar
Friday, November 9, 6pm
Enigmata, Erica Daborn - opening
Friday, November 9, 6-8pm
Unveiling of a Bronze Sculpture - opening
Friday, November 9, 6:30pm
Fashion Days, 5th edition
Dress to Give
Wednesday-Friday, November 7-9
El Javi: The King of Rock Flamenco
Friday, November 9, 7pm
La Border Curios, photos - opening
Friday, November 9, 7pm
Your Feminine Essence, Obsidian Yoni Egg - workshop
Friday, November 9, 7:30-10pm
Practica de Kundalini Yoga y Meditación
Sabado, 10 de Noviembre, 9am-1pm
Curso básico para Dottores de Sonrisas
Sabado, 10 de Noviembre, 10am-2pm
Tu Huerto en Invierno - taller
Sabado, 10 de Noviembre, 10am-1pm
Mantra Meditation workshop / Taller de mantra meditacion
Saturday, November 10, 11am-1pm
Augusto Barrón, Music Under the Trees - concert
Saturday, November 10, 1pm
Ceremonia de Temazcal
Sábado, Noviembre 10, 1:30pm
Duolingo Inglés/Español Conversation
Saturday, November 10, 4-5:30pm
Metropolitan Opera Audition Winners - concert
Saturday, November 10, 5pm
Youth Chorus - concert
Saturday, November 10, 6pm
Final 2018 - Dressage Circuito Centro
Saturday-Sunday, November 10-11, 9am
Swing Dance Gala
Friday to Sunday, November, 9, 10, 11
Rodarte Art and Craft Fair
Saturday, Sunday, November 10, 11, 10am-6pm
Saturday, Sunday, November 10, 11
Born Again Pagan, Steve Brooks, UU - spirit
Sunday, November 11, 10:30am
Temazcal Tanana - spirit
Sunday, November 11, 12-2pm
Sunday Morning Yoga. Heart-Opening Vinyasa Flow
Sundays 11am
A Musical Feast, Pro Musica Youth Chamber Orchestra
Sunday, November 11, 12:30pm
Open Studio, Glen Rogers
Sunday, November 11, 2-5pm
Magic Object, Secret Soul - opening
Sunday November 11, 2-5pm
Katia Cardenas in Concert, Bajio Tour
November 4, 9, 10, 11
Photogram in 3D Space by Agave Darkroom - workshop
Monday, Tuesday, November 12, 13, 10am-2pm
MX and the US After US Midterms, Vicente Fox - talk
Monday, November 12, 5pm
IntroDanza Contemporánea
Monday, November 12, 6-7pm
Planning for Our Final Exit: The 24 Hour Assn., Rotary - talk
Tuesday, November 13, am
Amor animal Conversación
Conversación con Jesusa Rodríguez y Liliana Felipe
Martes, 13 de Noviembre, 6pm
Doug Robinson: Songs and Stories 2
Tuesday, November 13, 7pm
How MX & Peru Food Changed the World - class
Wednesday, November 14, 10am-12, 1-3pm; served lunch 12-1
The Brain Exchange - mixed
Women’s Drop-in Group
Wednesday, November 14, 3-5pm
Music and Margaritas - benefit
Wednesday, November 14, 4-6pm
Jazz and Blues Festival
Wednesday-Sunday, November 14-18, 8pm
Festival Gastronómico Sabor de México
Thursday, November 15, 10-6pm
Villages of West Africa, Lit. Sala - mixed
Thursday, November 15, 3pm
Poetry Café Bellas Artes
Thursday, November 15, 5-6pm
Darbukanos: Middle East Dance w/ Live Music
Thursday, November 15, 7:00pm
Rose’s Dilemma, Playreaders - theater
Wednesday, Thursday, November 14, 15, 7:30pm
Marta García Renart, piano - concert
Thursday, November 15, 8pm
3rd Annual Holiday Craft Fair - benefit
Friday, November 16, 11am-2pm
Retiro de Regresiones a Vidas Pasadas
Viernes-Lunes, Noviembre 16-19
For the Jaguar, photos - opening
Friday, November 16, 6pm
70's, 80's, 90's Voyage, benefit - party
Friday, November 16, 9:30pm
Curso de Cerveza Artesanal
Sábado, Noviembre 17, 8-1pm
Creative Perfumery Workshop
Saturday, November 17, 9:30am-1:30pm
Show Up & Write! Saturday Country Retreat
Saturday, November 17, 11am-4pm
2°Festival Love of Mezcal
Saturday, November 17, 2pm-12am
Wild Fire Kitchen - benefit
Saturday, November 17, 4pm
Steve Brooks Live - concert
Friday-Saturday, November 16, 17, 7pm
Fear of the Object - concert/visuals
Saturday, November 17, 7pm
Audubon Birdwalk along Rio Laja near Rancho Jaguar
Sunday, November 18, 7:45am-12:30pm
Artisan Expo, Textures and Colors
Saturday, Sunday, November 17, 18, 9am-7pm
José Osorio Pop Up - opening
Sunday, November 18, 11-8pm
La Pulga, flea market, food, entertainment
Sunday, November 18, 12-4pm
Gran Charreada Y Sensaciónal Jaripeo
Domingo, Noviembre 18, 1pm
Kermés Revolucionaria
Sunday, November 18, 2pm
Calendar Girls - theater
November 8-18, Thursday-Saturday 7pm; Sunday 3pm
Homage to the Divas of Cuba - concert
Friday, November 23, 6:30pm
3 Day Monotype Workshop with Glen Rogers
Monday-Wednesday, November 26-28, 9am-1:30pm
Films This Week in San Miguel
LifePath - events this week
Center for Learning, Healing and Retreat
Amigos de la Presa - This Month
TOSMA Farmers’ / Artisans' Market
Ancha San Antonio 123
Saturdays 9am-3:30pm
This Week at Shelter Theater
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