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There is a lot to experience in and around San Miguel de Allende.

NOTE: The first bit of the contact information for each listing is the neighborhood.

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Ramon Jimenez
Wedding Photographer.
Cel 415-117-8938, Queretaro (442) 277-5323 e-mail:,

Photography. Portraits, architecture, weddings, let the photos be the art that the moment deserves!

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Celebrations San Miguel

415-154-8364 US (512) 351-4537,,

Our 20 years' of experience make your event a memorable one while you relax and enjoy. Handling every aspect: invitations, photographer, music, flowers, catering, venue selection, guest accommodations to gift baskets and party favors for every special event.

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Iris Artes

Aldama No. 3 #6B San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Voice Mail (267) 295-9992,,

An association of design professionals and crafts-people offering architectural and interior design services and home products built to your design from iron, copper, integral cement, wood, wool and other materials.

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Anima Ceramic Design

415 155 8002,,

Unique handmade ceramic tiles and glass mosaics here in San Miguel. Order seconds and overruns on the website, or visit the studio to purchase tiles directly or order your custom design.

guide San Miguel de Allende

LifePath Center

Pila Seca 11, San Miguel de Allende, GTO Mexico, 415.154.8465, US214.432.5711,,

LifePath is a six-day guided retreat that combines Mythology and Psychology to overcome the obstacles that may be keeping you from living the life you have always imagined. A thrilling inner journey! Counseling, bodywork... from our award-winning, published staff.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Shanti San Miguel

415 100 8396,,

Spa, pool restaurant, store, yoga studio Restauranter Brett Knobel opened an Indian styled oasis with healthy Indian food, beautiful Indian artifacts, and yoga and spa services.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Viajes San Miguel Shuttle

415 152-2537,,

Door to Door 24 hour Airport Shuttle Service: Leon Airport, Mexico City Airport & Queretaro Airport. (Advanced Reservation Required) Only to/from San Miguel.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Instituto Allende

Ancha de San Antonio No. 22 San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, 415 152 09 29

Degrees in Visual Arts, accredited through the Univ. of Guanajuato. Workshopping in Drawing and Painting, Jewelry, Traditional Mexican Weaving, Photography and more. Creative activities for youngsters including a special summer workshop. Spanish language intensive, semi-intensive, and conversation classes for foreigners.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Summer Teen Programs
Calz. de la Aurora #48 San Miguel de Allende, 415-152-8900, US(202)391-0004,,

MexArt summer teen institutes are one-month residential programs where students can focus on art or dance and Spanish language while immersed in the Mexican culture. Participants are integrated into the community,

guide San Miguel de Allende

Classes Unlimited

Academia de Fotografia, Mesones 69, Interior 3, 415-154-5366,,

Designed to enhance the learning opportunities in town by providing a website plus a quarterly publication of classes Our goal is to provide quality non-credit classes for visitors and residents .

guide San Miguel de Allende

Tradicional Mexican Cooking School

Calle de la Luz #12 in San Antonio San Miguel de Allende, Gto., Mexico, 415 152-43-76,

Experience cooking with MarĂ­a, a Mexican woman who inherited over 200 years of family recipes and techniques. Learn, observe, participate and enjoy eating too! Classes daily in a bright Mexican kitchen.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Edina Sagert
(415) 120-8088,,

Accomplished painter Edina Sagert offers watercolor classes year round in San Miguel de Allende as well as an annual Christmas watercolor workshop in Oaxaca. Drop in or pre-register for the intensive 5 or 6 day 3 hour workshopping in July-August.

guide San Miguel de Allende

Viajes Vertiz -Travel Services

Centro, Hidalgo 1A, 152 1856, 152 1695,,

Cruises, air fares & packages.

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